• Africa – dreaming

    Does anything quite prepare you for an adventure in Africa; quite simply, nothing can. My Acacia overland adventure of Southern African began in Zambia.  On arrival into Livingstone we were transferred to our accommodation on the banks of the Zambezi…

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  • Kilimanjaro – Which way up to reach your HIGH?

    Towering 5895 metres above the surrounding landscape, Kilimanjaro – or ‘Kili’ – is the highest freestanding mountain in the world. As one of the famed Seven Summits, setting out to climb Kilimanjaro has all the makings of a great bucket list adventure. But did…

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  • How to safari in style: 5 luxury destinations

    If you have any sort of vacation aspirations, you probably have a safari earmarked on your ‘to do’ list. Africa is a continent with such beauty and mystery, and she offers so many great opportunities for adventure and excitement. If…

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  • Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

    In our fast paced, modern lives, where everything is easily available and where people can find you at the blink of an eye, how do you just ‘switch off’.   How do you disappear if only for a while and disconnect…

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