• Photo of Christmas in Memphis

    Christmas in Memphis

    Memphis certainly comes alive during the holiday season, with the city filled with so much Christmas cheer and amazing things to do and see. Although we won’t be able to experience this for ourselves this year, the southern city has been rolling…

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          Waking up in an apartment with the sun shining on the tiled terrace and the waves gently breaking on the shore under 100 m away, the smell of spice in the air, it’s hard not to believe…

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    At least once in every surfer’s life you should visit Tahiti, if for nothing else than simply to immerse yourself in some of the clearest and most pristine waves in the world. Forget the tourist posters and five-star getaways, Tahiti…

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  • Photo of Paddling Kadavu Island

    Paddling Kadavu Island

    As our sea-kayaks slide up the rough-grained yellow sand, a muscular figure crunches down the beach towards us. He looks about 35, is around 6 ft, and I guess he’s a lean 85 kilos. As he gets closer I see…

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  • Photo of Passage an Eaglecrest Experience

    Passage an Eaglecrest Experience

    It was my first time visiting Alaska, as well as a first time for many experiences. I have accessed resort sidecountry before, but never used a chairlift to enter thousands of untouched skiable backcountry acres adjacent to a ski area.…

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  • Photo of Tahiti Comes To You with Denis GROSMAIRE (Tikehau Ocean Tour)

    Tahiti Comes To You with Denis GROSMAIRE (Tikehau Ocean Tour)

    Did you know The Islands of Tahiti are home to the largest shark sanctuary in the world? Sharks are very important to Tahitian culture and vital to a healthy ecosystem. Learn more about swimming with sharks and other species with…

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  • Photo of Skin Deep “In wild country, reward reflects effort.”

    Skin Deep “In wild country, reward reflects effort.”

    The questions collect like the snow underski. Is it stable? Will footing hold? Is fatal error a footstep away? Rubber legs and heaving chest encourage the crashing waves of self doubt. It’s only fatigue playing tricks, but after a climb…

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  • Photo of Dispatches From A Far Off Land: Grand Canyon & Zion

    Dispatches From A Far Off Land: Grand Canyon & Zion

    The great American road trip.  The phrase gets you drunk on a mental cocktail of nostalgia, excitement, and anticipation.  The vision is seared into our collective consciousness through countless movies:  There you are.  Cruising down America’s great highways; top down,…

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  • Photo of DO you want ICE with that?

    DO you want ICE with that?

    have done my fair share of trout fishing, fished throughout New Zealand and a few places offshore and there seems to be some common factors; what they eat, when they eat, where they eat and the number one priority, how…

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  • Photo of Virtual Tahiti

    Virtual Tahiti

    Whilst the ability to explore the globe is on hold for now, intrepid travellers now more than ever are looking towards aspirational video content to replicate the feelings they experience when exploring a new destination. The Islands of Tahiti are…

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