Andrew Hedgman

  • Mt Fuji Madness

    Climbing up to the very top of Mt Fuji in Japan to sit and watch the sunrise sounded like an amazing dream. Unfortunately it ended up being somewhat of a nightmare! I originally planned to climb the mountain on my…

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  • The Lycian Way Ultramarathon – Turkey

    In 2012 I completed a crazy race that still remains the toughest race I’ve ever completed. The Lycian Way Ultramarathon was my first multi staged, self sufficient race. It’s been seven years since the pain and suffering and I’m still…

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  • Rottnest Island in Winter

    As its already getting close to winter I thought that I would share my experience from last years winter where I spent my birthday with my buddy Simon at Rottnest Island in Western Australia, home of the happiest and arguably…

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