It does not sound good does it 😲

Ready for the ultimate in-flight endurance challenge?
Forget the mile-high club;

TikTok’s newest travel trend, “Rawdogging,” demands you fly without any form of entertainment or distraction. Enduring a long-haul flight without movies, music, sleep, snacks, or even bathroom breaks. It’s the ultimate test of mental fortitude.

This extreme trend, inspired by the Apple TV+ series Hijack starring Idris Elba, which has passengers challenging themselves to see how long they can last without comfort. In the show, Elba’s character Sam endures a seven-hour flight from Dubai to London after criminals hijack the plane, adopting a stoic, distraction-free approach. This is the essence of rawdogging: enduring the journey with nothing but your thoughts

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There is an extension to this trend into everyday life, a stoic approach, no butter on bread, no sounds at the gym, no salt on your food nor radio in the car. In our overly connected world, perhaps it is a great idea.

TikTok is buzzing with rawdogging enthusiasts sharing their personal bests. Manchester-based DJ and producer @oiwudini posted, “Just rawdogged a 7-hour flight (new personal best) no headphones, no movie, no water, nothing. Incredible. The power of my mind knows no bounds.” Google, TikToc ‘rawdogging’ or #rawdogginglife the list is never ending.

Doctors argue there could be mental benefits to this digital detox. Suggesting ‘\that just as our bodies benefit from fasting, our minds can too. Our brains are like sponges. They can only soak up so much information before they’re saturated, then they have to dry out a bit.


Its a mindset #fyp #flight

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A dopamine detox, which involves abstaining from addictive technologies like social media, aims to recalibrate our brains for a healthier relationship without these digital distractions. By rawdogging, you might find unexpected relaxation and mental clarity.

People often found peace on flights by avoiding the usual distractions. Instead, rawdogging, you spend hours gazing at the on-screen map, dreaming of future travels, or marveling at snow-capped mountains from your window seat. Why spoil that tranquillity with subpar airplane meals and mediocre movies?

This minimalist approach to flying has struck a chord on TikTok. One user commented, “This is actually an insane dopamine detox.”

So, next time you fly, why not challenge yourself to a rawdogging experience?

Embrace the silence, ditch the distractions, and see how far your mind can take you.

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