Rapid Ascent expands offering with Rapid Ascent Journeys initiative

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Rapid Ascent, Australia’s leading adventure event management company, has boldly expanded its offering with the introduction of ‘Rapid Ascent Journeys’. The new branch of the business is designed to offer a fresh perspective on adventure tourism for outdoor sports enthusiasts.


Sam Maffett, General Manager of Rapid Ascent, shared his enthusiasm for the new initiative, stating;

“Expanding Rapid Ascent to include adventure holidays without the pressures of a timed race atmosphere is a natural progression for us in broadening our offering. The Journeys will provide people the opportunity to go on a self-propelled adventure through the wilderness where we design the route and handle all the logistics.”


The idea to create the Rapid Ascent Journeys arm of the business comes in response to a notable surge in demand for experiences that prioritise exploration over competitive racing.


“All our adventure sport events to date have been conducted in the form of a competition or race – but we know that many people want to use their personal fitness to explore new places without the pressure of the stopwatch,” said Maffett.


Rapid Ascent Journeys is designed to make it easier for sports enthusiasts to go on satisfying adventures without the burden of organising the trip themselves. Each Journey will be planned, organised, fully facilitated and guided.

“We recognise that many adventure enthusiasts have the means to embark on a great journey but lack the time or ability to plan it,” said Maffett. “Rapid Ascent fills this gap, offering meticulously curated experiences for those who crave exploration using the sports they love and participate in frequently.”


Maffett, along with Rapid Ascent co-owner John Jacoby have been organising and hosting races and events for the past 18 years and look forward to the new offering.


“Our experience as adventure athletes gave us the inspiration to develop and deliver off-road events in the past, and now we’re looking forward to using this experience to offer adventure Journeys that excite and challenge others in the future,” said Jacoby, the 2015 Australian Geographic Adventurer of the Year.


“We’ve organised and been on some pretty wild expeditions of our own and now we want to share this with others!” added Jacoby.


Rapid Ascent Journeys aims to captivate adventurers with diverse offerings, including gravel riding journeys, summit-to-sea expeditions by bike, foot, and kayak; and epic multi-day trail runs.


A coordinated set schedule of adventure Journeys will be available for people to book; as well as the option for bespoke journeys for those wanting their own trip with mates or to celebrate key milestones such as birthdays.


Their first scheduled Journey called ‘Great Ocean Road Gravel Tour’ is a 6-day gravel riding expedition through Victoria’s Otway Ranges and is set to take place on 12 to 17 March 2024 with bookings now open.


The all-inclusive guided gravel ride will take in the best of the Great Otway National Park and include smooth, traffic-free dirt roads that weave through the high forests and provide panoramic vistas of the Great Ocean Road coastline.


Journey Guide Jeremy Baker of Rapid Ascent is excited to see the journey come to life;

“This is, without doubt, one of the best gravel-riding playgrounds in the world. We’re proud to call it our home – and we can’t wait to share it with you!” said Baker.


“We’ve designed this Journey to showcase the largely undiscovered heart of the Otways and Great Ocean Road region; riders will see, feel, taste and marvel at the best this area has to offer,” added Baker.


The Great Ocean Road Gravel Tour is limited to a small group (8 to 20 maximum) and covers all the logistics, safety and mechanical support; along with nourishing meals, 5 nights accommodation, and more.


As the first journey approaches, anticipation is high for the unique experiences Rapid Ascent Journeys promises to deliver. Adventure enthusiasts are invited to embark on a new era of exploration, guided by the expertise and passion that have defined Rapid Ascent for 18 years.


Further details and booking information on the Great Ocean Road Gravel Tour can be found HERE; and further details on Rapid Ascent Journeys can be found at www.rapidascentjourneys.com.au.

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