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South Korea’s second largest city intensifies efforts for World Expo 2030 bid

There’s a lot going on in South Korea’s second biggest city. Busan, located on the east coast of the Korean Peninsula, is bidding to host the 2030 World Expo. Since announcing the bid, the city has launched a flurry of activity to boost its appeal. 

Notably, South Korea’s biggest K-pop exports, BTS, were recruited as ambassadors of the city. In October this year, the seven member group held a massive free concert at Busan’s Asiad Stadium that made headlines and attracted fans from all over the globe. Travellers to the city included the BTS Australia Army (see pictured), the Australian chapter of the official BTS fan club, who visited in partnership with KTO Sydney. The road outside Asiad Stadium is now being transformed into a permanent tourist attraction, lit up with BTS’ signature purple, and art and light installations as well as outdoor performances on the way.

Shortly after the event, KTO launched the first of the latest series of “Feel the Rhythm of Korea” videos, also featuring BTS members. The video titled “Busan Blues” showcases some of Busan’s lesser known sights to an upbeat interpretation of a classic Korean song about the city. It’s now steadily racking up millions of views on Imagine Your Korea’s Youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLxgGRElMbs).


The timing is just right as South Korea including Busan are now fully open to tourism, with Busan’s International Cruise Terminal reopening on 24 October. Busan is South Korea’s principal cruise port and being situated a stone’s throw from Japan, it’s well positioned as a stopover for cruise ships in the region.

Expect to hear more about Busan as 2030 approaches. 

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