Huilo Huilo rainforest

Spend a magical Winter in Huilo Huilo rainforest and enjoy activities with the whole family


Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve, located in Chile, South America, offers a friendly way to enjoy the winter this season. Activities offered include excursions into the Patagonian Forest, adventures to the Mocho Choschuenco volcano that are designed specifically for those who are both unfamiliar with and experts on snow, and daring descents down various trails in the area. There are also relaxing and energizing therapies in the Lawenko Spa.

 Huilo Huilo is the ideal destination to experience the magical winter of southern Chile and enjoy an unforgettable vacation with family and friends, whether it be exploring the rainforest by foot or mountain bike, venturing to the Mocho Choschuenco volcano, or replenishing energy in the Lawenko Spa. There is a range of accommodations, from hotels to cabins and huts, which make this the perfect place for everyone.


The Huilo Huilo Reserve is the ideal place to experience snow for the first time since the winter season offers activities for the whole family. For example, there are tours of the snow-covered forest located on the sides of the Mocho Choshuenco volcano where snowshoes are necessary to explore the lenga forest. Here, visitors can also go sledding and, as a team, build snow sculptures and igloos. If lucky, there may be chances to see condors, woodpeckers, and foxes; at the very least, their tracks will be visible in the snow.

For those who prefer comfort and speed, snowmobile or pistenbully rides are the perfect option. Riders can enjoy pure air, infinite white snow, and panoramic views of incredible sceneries, all at 1200 meters above sea level.

Experts can opt for ski excursions and free skiing that feature adrenaline-inducing descents on untouched snow in a valley north of the Mocho Choshuenco volcano. Pistenbully machines or UTV Buggys are used to bring skiers to the proper elevation. The most adventurous visitors can travel to the peak of the Mocho Choshuenco volcano, reaching a height of 2422 meters above sea level. At the peak, adventurers can feel the true vastness of nature and observe some of the main lakes of the Los Ríos region along with the eight volcanoes in the area and the Andes mountain range. For more details, please visit

The Forest

Excursions in the Patagonian Forest – either led by a local expert guide or self-guided – offer an accessible and entertaining way to get to know the Reserve. Classic trails like the Huilo Huilo Waterfall, La Leona (Lioness) Waterfall, and Puma Waterfall, allow visitors to observe amazing volcanic structures, crystalline lakes and rivers, and  delicate Andean flora and fauna. 

This winter season, enjoy one of the longest and tallest zip line courses in South America, to ‘fly’ over the lush canopy of millennial forests, as well as unforgettable and entertaining rides into the deep forests of the reserve. All of these activities are suitable both adults and children. 

Another unique experience that Huilo Huilo offers to visitors who wish to delve deeper into the region’s extensive roots are welcome to visit, speak and share with local community members. The cultural routes and excursions allow visitors to connect with the local culture, cuisine, and traditional craftsmanship of those who live in the surrounding towns and Mapuche communities.

Reconnect to a natural rhythm 

After a full day outdoors, one must not miss a restorative visit to the Lawenko Spa, conceptualized as a serene refuge for the body, mind, and spirit. The spa offers wellness services and warm spaces, where the construction and decoration from native wood and local volcanic rock invite you to enjoy life at a natural rhythm. 

Access to the pools, hot tubs, saunas, and relaxing rooms are included in the reservations at Montaña Mágica (Magic Mountain) Lodge, Nothofagus Hotel & Spa, Reino Fungi (Mushroom Kingdom) Lodge, and Marina del Fuy Lodge. For other cabins and hotels within the Reserve, access to the Lawenko Spa has an additional cost and is subject to current occupancy. 

Hotel Stay

There are various kinds of hotel stays within the Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve with architecture that mimic elements of nature. The Montaña Magica Lodge is internationally recognized by the waterfall that runs along the façades, which has allowed for growth of native plants along the walls. For families, we recommend the Reino Fungi Lodge, which has interconnected rooms.  The family friendly Nothofagus Hotel & Spa is the heart of the hotel complex. Marina del Fuy Lodge sits at the edge of the Pirehueico Lake, offering magnificent lake and volcanic views. Each all-inclusive hotel offers breakfast, half board, full board. There are spaces dedicated to relaxation and family recreation, such as the Cabañas del Bosque (Forest Cabins), and the Huillin Club at the mouth of the Fuy River. 

Directions / How to Find Us

Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve is 165 km east of Valdivia in the Los Ríos Region. The main access to the reserve is though Highway 5 South, though the town of Lanco, and continuing through Panguipulli onto the International Road Panguipulli-Puerto Fuy, where you’ll find the reserve and hotels. 

Reservations can be made at – +56 2 2887 3535 –

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