Best Luxury Eco Resorts in the World

he ecotourism movement grows yearly, but hotel and resort chains are not allowed to stay. One in five travellers would prefer a green holiday over the average. In general, many tourists look not only at environmentally friendly destinations but also at those who help protect nature. These resorts are constantly working to reduce their impacts on wildlife, reduce its footprint on the environment and reduce its water and electricity.

Ullman Eco Retreat, Bali

Ulan Eco Resort offers guests the ability to immerse themselves in tradition and reconnect with the natural surroundings without the need to compromise comfort and luxury. Its complex is located in the village of Kaba Kaba, about an hour’s drive from Changu. The eleven guest villa homes have unusual, curving ceilings crafted from bamboo and natural materials. Hotel hydro turbines run in water pumped by the waterfall to feed the hotel. This eco-resort offers its visitors numerous recreation opportunities. There is a Yoga Shila in the rocks with views of the waterfall where yoga classes and meditations occur. Those who prefer may do Buddhist rituals such as meerkat and purified karma.

Post Ranch Inn, California

The Post Ranch Hotel is a luxury eco-resort situated on the cliffside in Big Sur, central California. There can be rooms with sea views or mountain views, private villas or tree houses. No TV and no alarm clock have yet been installed in our suite, allowing guests to enjoy the quiet of nature. Breakfast, beverages at our minibar, internet service, yoga, guided tours and other activities can be included in the rate. A fitness centre is also provided in this building. Sierramar’s cuisine has been meticulously prepared using local ingredients. It is guided by a philosophy that promotes sustainable agriculture. Luxury is incorporated here concerning environmental matters.

Club Med Finolhu Villas, Maldives

Club Med Finolhu Villa are the first eco-hotel in the world that runs entirely on electricity generated through solar power. The 52 luxurious villas are set in private atolls of the Maldivian Islands that are only accessible via boat. 22 hotels stand along beaches, 30 others on the water. It has 900 kW electricity-generating solar cells on a roofed bridge connecting them. Yuji Yamasaki Architects and Meriam Hall were influenced by their designs on the ecovillage by nature. During the summer, the lodge is designed to minimize energy loss. Club Med Finolhu Villa won the 2015 International Hotel and Property Award.

Lapa Rios Resort, Costa Rica

Lapa Rios Eco Resort is considered one of Latin America’s finest eco-resorts. It is situated in the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica on a southeastern coastline and is covered by tropical rainforest. People interested in wildlife can stay close to their surroundings without compromising comfort and privacy. Each of the 17 luxury bungalows has seating for 4 people each. There are bathroom and shower facilities outside the lodge and a patio or terrace amidst a breathtaking landscape and sea view. Guests wake to birdsong and monkey howling.

Copal Tree Lodge, Belize

Belcampo has established an eco-resort in South Belize called Copal Tree Lodge. The Luxurious Lodge is situated within the Mayan hills of Punta Gorda and is protected from the lush forest. It has 16 suites in one sizeable three-bedroom house, 2 pools, restaurants, a bar and a spa. The tree which provided the furnishings is not chopped but only chosen by those who fell. Copal Trees employees also planted thousands of green trees yearly to support agriculture programs. The eco-hotel owns a 1,221-hectare Eco-friendly farm. It grows cocoa and vanilla along with fruits and cultivated vegetables.

Nimmo Bay Wilderness, British Columbia

The story of Nimmi Bay Wilderness Eco-Resort started as a little fishing house on the shores of Nimmo Bay. Craig Murray arrived in 1980 determined for a harmonious life with the natural world. The area is now an essential destination for adventurous people. Surrounded by mountains and waterfalls, the destination can be reached only by helicopters and seaplanes. Guests can stay at eight comfortable chalets. Nimmo Bay Wilderness aims to be isolated and to reconnect with the animals. The team enables the guest to discover Nimmi Bay on a kayak and observe seal, orca and humpback whale populations.

Soneva Kiri Resort, Thailand

The Son Eva Kiri Resort is a stunning resort near Koh Kood, Thailand. The 34 villas overlook the ocean and beach; they are designed in traditional Thai style and feature simplicity and sophistication. Woodstone, canvas and wood were used, and construction techniques were conceived based on the natural environment. The e-hotel always tries to make the guest feel comfortable. Koh Kood’s beaches are among Thailand’s most beautiful.

Six senses, Fiji

In April 2018, SixSenses, a luxurious, nature-themed resort, was inaugurated in Malola, Fiji. It has 24 luxury villas with private pools and 11 apartments. You may visit the six senses anytime during the year. The best location to surf, snorkel, dive, kayak and ski. Visitors will receive other services such as visiting Malolo Island and a green tour of the hotel’s bio garden, trips on the reef on sailboats and a collection of fish.

What makes an eco-friendly resort?

What’s the importance of environmentally friendly hotels? A sustainable hotel is a sustainable hotel which reduces its environmental impact through implementing good sustainable practices in maintenance, services and supply chain. It can also involve energy and wastewater management to reduce consumption and waste generation. With the absence of high energy consuming land-based casinos you don’t need to worry about being bored at night, with internet connection NZ$5 deposit casinos has you covered. We’ll keep your nights entertaining and you bank happy!


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