Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som Addresses the Modern Plague of Stress and Burnout through the Ancient Wisdom of Traditional Arabic Islamic Medicine

Offering a holistic approach to stress management, Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-som, the Middle East’s largest and first full-immersion wellness destination, launches a new stress-relieving retreat that draws on the core principles of Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine (TAIM).

From within the safe and supportive environment of Zulal Wellness Resort, the Stress Reset and Burnout Recovery Retreat aims to help guests alleviate the signs and symptoms of stress, overwhelm, fatigue and burnout – all of which prevail in today’s 24/7 world – and find sustainable lifestyle changes that will transform their approach to health.

Available for three, five, or seven nights with different inclusions, the retreat has been designed to have positive long-term benefits.  Each programme is precision-tailored to the individual needs of each guest, with a unique blend of wellness wisdom combined with modern therapies.

Zulal Wellness Resort’s pioneering use of Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine (TAIM), an ancient health philosophy established in 1025 by medic and philosopher Ibn Sina and interpreted for the 21st century, lends itself exceptionally well to alleviating modern-day afflictions such as stress and burnout.

The integrated approach of Stress Reset and Burnout Recovery Retreat includes a consultation with a TAIM specialist, daily massages to promote relaxation for the body and mind, yoga and pranayama breathing exercises to balance the parasympathetic nervous system, a facial-enhancement bio-cellulose mask to calm and strengthen skin that has been compromised due to stress, and other holistic treatments such as a traditional Arabic stomach massage (Al-Batin) to clear tension and energy, or Watsu hydrotherapy to release mental and emotional strain, let go of stress and promote sleep.

Upon arrival, all guests on this stress relief retreat undergo an initial consultation with their dedicated Health & Wellness Advisor who holistically addresses and takes a comprehensive approach to recommend suitable therapies and treatments according to their levels of stress.

Mental movement and rest play a big factor in the physical manifestation of emotional imbalances, and TAIM-inspired treatments such as Massage Al Batin and Al Ras assist in releasing energetic blockages and pent-up muscle tension to assist in the reduction of stress.

Longer stays include a Gyrotonic gym session under the guidance of a physiotherapist to help with the symptoms and effects of office syndrome by promoting postural alignment which is beneficial for those sitting at desks and computers all day, acupuncture to boost energy flow, and a nourishing wrap to pamper and revive the body.

All programmes are underpinned by the resort’s signature wellness cuisine, where mouthwatering, accomplished meals are created using the freshest of organic and therapeutic ingredients. The skilful culinary team employs techniques which ensure dishes are low in salt, sugar and unhealthy seasonings while delivering on flavour and deeply nourishing the body to support the guest wellness journey. Herbal supplements may also be recommended in consultation with a TAIM specialist, as stress tends to wreak havoc with digestion, which can exacerbate anxiety, affect sleep quality, and worsen the sense of burnout.

TAIM is a holistic healing system recorded in The Canon of Medicine, a medical encyclopaedia written in 1025 by the physician-philosopher Ibn Sina, whose writings influenced schools of medicine for centuries. It includes the use of medicinal herbs, and therapies such as hijama cupping. The revival of this knowledge, reinterpreted for the 21st century by Zulal Wellness Resort, is a pioneering approach to reclaiming cultural heritage and redefining wellness.

Heinrich Morio, General Manager of Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som said: “The pressure that people experience in their day-to-day lives can be so overwhelming that it is no surprise stress and burnout is on the rise. We know that the long-term effect of stress can lead to chronic illnesses and we have created this retreat to support our guests who choose to take a proactive approach towards stress and burnout so they can fulfil their emotional health and wellbeing. Each of the treatments and therapies has been carefully selected for inclusion in our Stress Reset and Burnout Recovery retreat, and our goal is to provide our guests with the tools they need to improve their overall wellbeing to live a longer, richer, healthier life full of potential.”

As with all retreats at Zulal Wellness Resort, guests pursuing the Stress Reset and Burnout Recovery Retreat undergo an individual consultation with a Health & Wellness Advisor on arrival, enjoy three wellness cuisine meals per night of stay, receive a personalised programme of treatments and activities, enjoy the daily group classes and evening ritual, and have full access to the extensive health and wellness facilities including separate male and female hydrothermal areas, sauna, steam room, arctic cave, outdoor and indoor pools, gymnasiums and group fitness classes.

The Stress Reset and Burnout Recovery retreat includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Health & Wellness Consultation to asses goals and needs
  • Full retreat programme of treatments and therapies
  • A fitness and physiotherapy assessment
  • Three wellness meals per night of stay, beginning with dinner on the day of arrival.
  • A selection of fitness, physio, holistic and spa treatments depending on length of stay
  • Access to the wellness centre facilities including, hydrothermal area, Himalayan salt therapy, snow cave, sauna, steam room, experience showers, and outdoor pool
  • Access to the gymnasium, daily group exercise and relaxation classes
  • In-room herbal teas, amenities, and wellness minibar
  • Laundry for three pieces of fitness attire per night of stay
  • Starting from rate QAR 4,300 ($1,800) per person per night of stay

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