What can an outdoors person do on lockdown?

COVID-19 has led to most countries around the world imposing lockdown on its people. For those that are not completely isolated, the demands of social distancing mean they cannot travel in good conscience. It is less that you will be near people when you arrive and more that you will need to stop along the way for gas for your car or supplies. Therefore, outdoor people more than most will be feeling the pressure of the four walls closing in on them.


So, what can these outdoor people do when they can no longer get outdoors? Here we offer a guide to some of the activities that replace the experiences you love so much.

Why do people love to be outside?

Before we begin offering a guide to lockdown for the outdoorsy amongst us, let’s define what it is we love about being in the wild. First, it is the stimulation that being out and about offers. There is a sense of adventure and new experiences that keeps us feeling alive. Then, there is the connection with nature. We love being in the moment as we hear the sound of the wildlife around us. Finally, we want to feel free – to not be confined. 

Now we have defined the essence of the outdoor person, what activities could replace these that can be done from our living rooms?

A sense of excitement and adventure

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A connection with nature

If you don’t want to get your adrenalin rush, you might want to feel mindful and present instead. Speak to anyone who loves getting lost in a wilderness and they will tell you it is the peace. It is not only the lack of sound from other people but the lack of noise from your brain. That inner chatter can be overpowering – and focusing on our senses in nature really counters this.

What better way to replace the outdoors than by getting out in the garden? Even in Lockdown, we can go out into our space, as long as we stay on our property. Therefore, we can get the same sensual connection with nature by cultivating flowers, vegetables and more. If you do not have a garden, you should consider making yourself a window box. Growing herbs is easy enough and could provide you will gain essential flavouring for all the cooking you will be doing.

If the connection with nature comes from eating outdoors after cooking over a fire, maybe it is time for a barbeque? You could get yourself a fire pit, pitch your tent in your yard and enjoy wild cooking in your garden. It is likely that the sense of isolation you are craving can be achieved this way too. If being so close to your family for such a long period is a bind, then you can go camping in your garden for a bit of your time too.

A need to be free

Someone clever once said that we can always be free in our mind. Therefore, although we are locked into our houses, we can explore the world in our minds. Playing games and reading books allows us to explore our character and our abilities. Committing to learning something new can open ourselves to new possibilities – and help us feel in control and free.

If you need a physical sense of otherness – or to put it simply – the idea of seeing somewhere new, then you might want to go on a virtual tour of different places around the world. There are so many sites offering you videos and tours of different places. Rather than trying to pretend that these virtual trips are real, instead, treat it as research for the trips you can make when you are allowed to travel once more.

A great example of the perfect online experience for the outdoor type is the river rafting tour through the Grand Canyon. Being virtually on the boat with the National Park Guides could be an exhilarating experience even digitally. However, the real power of this experience is to stimulate your imagination of what is possible when this time passes – as it definitely will.

Battle the urge

It is easy to feel frustration. You know if you get out into the middle of nowhere you are in no danger of passing a virus. It is the essence of social distancing. However, to get there you need to travel, and you will be used to having access to facilities. Therefore, we all have a responsibility to follow the guidance from the experts.

The outdoors will always be there. You will be out and about climbing, rafting, or hiking soon enough. You should stay home and protect your family. Remember there are casinos to give you a buzz of excitement; there is your garden or a window box for your connection with nature and the internet offers you a world of adventure.

What you should do is take the time to free your mind at this time. Your first task right now is to think: what can I learn? What can I say I have done that shows my need for exploration was not lost in this strange time?

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