The Islands of Tahiti – reaching for the stars


The Islands of Tahiti  ultimate for stargazing.

From first-time stargazers to experienced astronomers, there are various tours available for the perfect stargazing and legend-telling experience. When the night sky comes alive with brilliant stars, you’ll be treated to constellations exclusive to the Southern Hemisphere, and you might even catch a glimpse of a shooting star. Delve into the celestial wisdom passed down by Polynesian locals, who’ve long relied on traditional techniques to navigate the open seas. These methods were depicted in the 2016 movie “Moana,” where the main character, Moana, used them to gauge the altitude of a cluster of stars, aiding her when navigating the seas.

Bora Bora Stargazing and Storytelling Tour with Bora Bora Explorer

Relax and unwind with Bora Bora Explorer and spend the evening stargazing and storytelling. Journey to a private Motu (islet) and savour a glass of bubbly as you watch the flickering stars brighten the dark night sky. The Polynesian night sky will unravel before you, as Bora Bora Explorer’s star-guide recounts old stories and legends of the Tahitian people, explaining how they used storytelling to decode the night’s sky which helped them with their travels throughout the great Pacific Ocean (Moana Nui).

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Legends and Stargazing Bora Bora with Marama Tours

End your day with Marama Tours private stargazing tour and admire the last rays of daylight on the Pearl of the Pacific, enjoying a ride on a Polynesian outrigger canoe guiding you to a Motu (islet). There you will have a selection of gourmet appetizers and drinks to choose from before comfortably lying around a toasty campfire and gazing at the bright night stars. Your local guide will introduce you to the navigation techniques that led navigators of the time to their “fenua” (land) and discover the culture, legends and ancient stories of the Tahitian people.


Private Legend Telling and Stargazing with Lagoon Service

Join a private legend-telling and stargazing tour with Lagoon Service and enjoy an evening relaxing around a beach fire pit, learning tales and legends back to the times of the Polynesian people. Enjoy appetizers and beverages as you wait for the first stars to appear in the Polynesian sky and relax on the beach, the perfect setting for stargazing. Alternatively, view the sky close-up through a telescope and discover the exceptional beauty of the milky-way, star clusters, and planets.

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