Reviving Aitutaki’s Marine Ecosystem: Pacific Resort Launches Coral Restoration Project


Pacific Resort Aitutaki is excited to launch its coral restoration project in Aitutaki Lagoon. The ambitious project fosters community and guest engagement while restoring and protecting the marine environment for future generations.

The goal of the restoration project is to replenish and repopulate Aitutaki’s coral reef, improve reef health and contribute a positive impact on the natural ecosystem. The project adopts a multifaceted approach, combining scientific research, guest and community engagement alongside innovative techniques. Small branches of living coral are fixed to blocks and attached to a mesh table that is submerged in the lagoon. Once established, they will be transplanted onto existing coral beds, re-establishing the vibrant ecosystems. This ongoing project seeks to enhance the lagoon’s ability to withstand future environmental challenges.

Pardeep Kumar, General Manager of Pacific Resort Aitutaki, is grateful for the expertise and contribution of Richard and Isabella from Aitutaki Marine Research, who have demonstrated how to plant the delicate coral and shared valuable information about coral and marine life to guests and staff at the resort.

Guests staying at Pacific Resort Aitutaki are encouraged to contribute to the coral planting initiative. They can be updated on the progress of their coral via a register. The resort believes that tourism should enhance and enrich the traveller and the community they visit.

Pacific Resort Aitutaki is passionate about Mana Tiaki, which means guardianship with a sacred purpose and is committed to being leaders in responsible and regenerative tourism. As guardians of 19 acres of tropical gardens and 1.5 Kilometres of beach frontage, the coral restoration project aims to rejuvenate, protect and preserve the natural beauty of Aitutaki Lagoon.

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