RAKxa Wellness & Medical Retreat Unlocks Secrets Of Optimal Mobility

RAKxa Wellness & Medical Retreat  in Thailand recognises mobility is more than the movements of body parts; it is a dynamic and coordinated interaction of the entire body.

This can be accomplished through three fundamental stages: alignment, coordinated movement and power development.

Each stage plays a crucial role in maximising physical mobility and overall performance.


Alignment: Foundation of Mobility
This stage is more than just a warm-up. It is about ensuring proper posture and alignment before exercising. Good posture and alignment are essential because they allow for optimal biomechanics during movement. When one’s body is in a balanced position, it reduces unnecessary stress on joints, muscles and ligaments. This promotes efficient movement patterns and reduces the risk of injury. Proper alignment also ensures that the musculoskeletal system is in the best position to generate force, power and mobility.

For the alignment stage, RAKxa offers a Biomechanics Analysis that helps identify any persistent problems, deviations or imbalances in body posture and alignment. With this valuable information, RAKxa’s specialists can provide targeted interventions, corrective exercises and guidance to help optimise posture and alignment, setting a strong foundation for optimal mobility.

Coordinated Movement: Neuromuscular Coordination
Brain-muscle coordination, facilitated by the central nervous system (CNS), is another crucial aspect of mobility. The CNS serves as the foundation for all three pillars of movement – sensory input, brain reactions and motor output – responsible for coordinating muscle contractions, movement initiation and control. When one’s CNS is in sync, it sends signals to muscles, enabling them to contract and relax smoothly and in a coordinated manner. This coordination enhances movement efficiency and precision, allowing for better overall mobility.

For the coordinated movement stage, RAKxa provides an Active Brain Coordination Exercise, which focuses on activating the CNS, training the brain and muscles to function together seamlessly, and a Personalised Corrective Exercise session, which is tailored to address specific weaknesses or imbalances.



Power Development: Developing Strength and Endurance
This stage is a vital component of achieving good mobility, as it focuses on developing strength and endurance. During this stage, one engages in exercises and activities that target muscular strength and endurance to enhance overall physical performance. Strength development involves increasing the force-generating capacity of muscles through weightlifting, resistance training or bodyweight exercises. Endurance development involves improving the muscles’ ability to sustain prolonged activity through aerobic exercises such as running, swimming, cycling, or HIIT which maximise cardiovascular capability.

For the power development stage, RAKxa has introduced Tesla Former, a cutting-edge technology that utilises electromagnetic energy to stimulate muscle growth, improving overall muscular strength. In just 30 minutes, it is believed to provide results comparable to completing 30,000 squats or sit-ups.

Additionally, RAKxa offers a Cryotherapy, which involves the use of sub-zero temperatures to promote muscle recovery and reduce inflammation. It is suitable for all who experience muscle soreness after workout.

RAKxa’s Unam Restaurant personalises dishes in alignment with unique body needs. The cuisine includes lean protein for muscle repair, quality complex carbs for sustained energy and essential vitamins and minerals. Embracing an anti-inflammatory approach, it supports the journey towards optimal mobility and wellness.

Whether looking to incorporate more physical activity into a routine, address pain resulting from lifestyle habits, or rehabilitate past injuries, RAKxa’s Mobilisation Programme will address all issues.

For RAKxa bookings contact your Travel Specialist or visit www.rakxawellness.com

About RAKxa

  • RAKxa is a new approach to being well that is personalised to meet the unique needs of each guest. By treating the body as a whole and addressing the root cause of any ‘dis-ease’, RAKxa enables anyone, whatever their state of wellbeing, to restore and maintain optimum health.


  • A fully integrative wellness and medical retreat, RAKxa leads the way with its visionary approach, where holistic therapies and technology combine to deliver completely unique treatments.


  • A luxury retreat located within Bangkok’s ‘Green Lung’, RAKxa embraces the very best of its natural setting and Thailand’s warm hospitality. A place to relax, tune in and unleash your core, RAKxa offers a wellness experience that continues long after you leave.


  • Our all-encompassing health and wellness treatments cover all dimensions of the self: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. We combine technology and tradition to reward you with measurable results. RAKxa’s unique programme helps you build wholesome routines and practices, creating and reaching goals that move you ever closer to optimal wellbeing.

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