Pacific Tourism Organisation teams up with the Bulikula Women’s Plastics Community Group for World Oceans Day

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Udite Taukei and the Bulikula Women’s Community Plastics Group from Galoa village continue to modify their community waste by upcycling plastic waste into beautiful works of art for display.

The women’s group is part of the Pacific Tourism Organisations (SPTO) Pacific Tourism Waste Action Initiative (PTWAI) – Pacific Tourism Organisation, which focuses on addressing key waste management challenges in Pacific communities.

Ms Taukei and her group participated on behalf of SPTO at the World Oceans Day celebrations at Albert Park showcasing products created by their women’s group and sharing their stories and the skills earned which has helped in creating income for them.

“We got to share our craft work and showed those visiting our tables how they can turn plastic waste into art,” Ms Taukei said.

Plastic is an area of priority in SPTO’s Pacific Sustainable Tourism Policy Framework (PSTPF). PSTPF recognises plastics pose a threat to the Pacific islands and the tourism industry and prioritizes the need to manage and eliminate plastics and food waste.

SPTO CEO Christopher Cocker commended the Galoa Women’s Group’s participation at the World Oceans Day Celebrations on June 8th.

Mr Cocker mentioned SPTO’s PTWAI explored innovative and inclusive approaches from the tourism sector as its contribution to reducing the waste footprint of tourism on the environment and protecting our lands and oceans from waste pollution for the benefit of Pacific people, visitors, and generations to come.

“Through the PSTPF, SPTO is committed to achieving healthy islands and oceans for our Pacific people now and for the generations to come,” Mr Cocker highlighted.

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