New Caledonia has returned to pre-pandemic numbers of Kiwi travellers

As New Zealand’s next-door neighbour and with its unique mix of French influence and South Pacific island vibes, New Caledonia is the ultimate destination for an overseas holiday. Now it has been confirmed that Kiwis think so too, as the destination welcomed the highest number of New Zealand travellers for the month of December ever and the stats have now returned to pre-pandemic numbers.

During the first month of summer and the Christmas holiday period, 1,138 visitors made their way from New Zealand to New Caledonia while the previous record highest recording number for December month 850 New Zealand travellers in the year 2019.

Before the pandemic, the average number of New Zealand travellers each month in 2019 was 928.5, while the average number of Kiwi travellers since the borders reopened to the destination (Aug-Dec 2022) is around 1,159. October 2022 recorded the highest number of New Zealand travellers since pre-pandemic with 1,453 travellers.


As soon as the last entry restrictions were removed in August, Kiwi travellers jumped on the opportunity to book a trip to the destination, something Sally Pepermans, Account Director for New Caledonia Tourisme New Zealand could not be more excited about.


“It’s clear that Kiwis have been eager to book a trip to our beautiful destination as soon as we were finally able to travel again. With a short 3-hour flight from Auckland, a trip to New Caledonia makes it easy to plan. Whether you want a short holiday over the weekend, a hassle-free trip with the family, or to make the most out of a longer trip without feeling like you’re spending lots of time travelling, New Caledonia is the ultimate destination” said Pepermans about the incredible results.


Look no further than New Caledonia for a destination that combines natural beauty, friendly locals and delicious cuisine that reflects the melting pot of culture that is the South Pacific. Whether it is for a dose of French influence without the long-haul flight or to simply find a spot of relaxation under the palm trees next to a white-sand beach, a visit to New Zealand’s next-door neighbour fits the bill.


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