New Caledonia for every type of traveller

Whether you’re planning for your next adventure holiday, a chill overwater bungalow weekend trip or a week of culinary exploration, New Caledonia offers unique experiences that will fit every type of traveller and every type of budget. The South Pacific destination accessible in under 3 hours from New Zealand will make you feel like you’ve travelled half a world away.

For the adrenaline junkies

Those travellers that simply can’t sit still and constantly need to try out new thrill-seeking activities can get their dose of adrenaline from jet skiing around unspoiled islets, kitesurfing and windsurfing across the glistening surface of the lagoon, ziplining across the lush forest or flying in a ULM aircraft (ultralight plane) overlooking the coral reef.

For the water babies

Those who love to disappear under the surface and explore the vibrant world underneath can explore the world’s second-largest coral reef and UNESCO – protected lagoon. The lagoon is a sanctuary for sharks, whales, and turtles and is home to the world’s third-largest population of dugong you’ll become completely mesmerised by the exceptional diversity of plants and wildlife. Go look for Nemo in La Piscines Naturelle (the natural pool) on the Isle of Pines, swim with green turtles at Amédée Island, or follow the underwater trail at Îlot Canard (Duck Island).

For the foodie obsessed

New Caledonia’s cuisine is one of the best in the South Pacific as it offers a fusion of flavours, a true testimonial to the blend of cultures living together on the island. The gastronomy mixes spices, tropical and local flavours, and French techniques that deliver a true gourmet experience. It is often inspired by the different communities living together in New Caledonia: Melanesian, Asian, Wallisian, Tahitian and French and local chefs love to rediscover local products with a modern twist.


A must-try while in New Caledonia includes the bougna dish which is a Kanak traditional stew made of either chicken, meat or fish, mixed with local vegetables and cooked in coconut milk. The dish is covered with banana leaves and slow cooks for hours on the hot stones in a Kanak oven. With access to the largest lagoon in the world, New Caledonia is also a heaven for seafood lovers. Travellers can enjoy a variety of fish, crayfish, coconut crab and New Caledonia prawns while on holiday.

For the culturally invested

Travellers wanting to experience a destination in the most authentic way and get to know the people, traditions, and local customs to their fullest will love New Caledonia. The essential spirit of the country and the Kanak culture is enshrined in the ancestral rules and rituals of Kanak customary tradition. While holidaying in New Caledonia you can enjoy a tribal homestay where you’ll learn all about the culture and their coutume (social rules) first-hand.


Don’t forget to book a visit to the Tjibaou Cultural Centre in Noumea during your stay to learn all about the art, history and knowledge of the Kanak people.


For the sunseeker

Some travellers just want to bring a good book and a sun hat and station themselves by the pool with very little desire to do lots of different activities. The DoubleTree by Hilton Noumea Ilot Maitre Resort lies on an exclusive island a short boat ride from Noumea and houses the only overwater bungalows in the New Caledonia. It’s the perfect spot to just relax and easily jump into the water for a swim and snorkelling.


The destination also offers unparalleled options for spending a day or several on the water where you can enjoy drifting over the azure blue lagoon on a catamaran, marvelling at the creatures from above the surface and watching the sun set over the main island while sipping on a cocktail. You can opt for a sunset cruise with a private chef or a multi-day catamaran cruise visiting unspoilt beaches and coves along the coast.


New Caledonia is New Zealand’s next-door neighbour (less than 3 hours from Auckland). An amazing archipelago and holiday destination thanks to its combination of unique Melanesian culture, exotic South Pacific charm, and cosmopolitan French chic. Surrounded by the largest lagoon in the world that has been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, New Caledonia is famous for its variety of landscapes, cultures, activities, and unique biodiversity.


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