Hike, Bike, and Camp Along the Trail of the Ancients with Escape Adventures

East of the Colorado River, the Needles District of 330,000-acre Canyonlands National Park is named for the rock pinnacles that loom over the Southeast Utah landscape like an enormous succession of sentinels. Ed Abbey once described it as, “the most weird, wonderful, magical place on Earth.” Located over 100-miles from the nearest interstate highway, Needles remains one of the most remote regions left in America. This six-day mountain bike tour offers a unique POV into the region’s varied history. The Trail of the Ancients accesses archaeological sites as well as significant cultural and historic sites in this remote region. Guests will bike past ancient Native American ruins, hike slot canyons, pedal to Elephant Hill, traverse Lockhart Basin (a 50-mile jeep road that follows the gentle sways and contours of the Colorado River), cycle over Chicken Corners, and descend back to Moab. This tour with first-class camping included starts at $1,499 per person. For more information, visit

“The Canyonlands region was looked upon as nothing but a wasteland until the mid-1940s,” said Jared Fisher, Director of Escape Adventures. “Then our nation’s urgent needs for uranium, vanadium, and petroleum products brought cycles of mining, prospecting and drilling to the area. These activities carved out most of the backcountry road and trail networks still in use today. But long before modern times, the Ancestral Puebloans developed a flourishing civilization in these canyons.”

Geared to the intermediate rider and athletic beginner, the Trail of the Ancients’ mostly dirt road and double track route features layered or staggered challenges. Those landscape features only ramp up in difficulty in relation to a rider’s comfort level and skills expanding. Consider this the ideal substitute for the White Rim Trail, but marked by more remote riding, coupled with deeper exploration.

All internal land expenses and services are covered in the cost of the tour. All transportation, food preparation, meals, snacks, non-alcoholic beverages, group supplies and community gear are included. Backcountry permits, licenses, park fees, reservations, and accommodations are also included, along with at least two professionally trained trip leaders, a mobile first aid and mechanic station, spare bikes, and support vehicles.

Day 1-2: Meet in Moab. Shuttle to Needles. Ride Beef Basin to Needles Overlook. Ride to Ruin Park. Hike ruins.
Day 3-4: Ride through Needles. Hike slot canyons. Ride to Lockhart Trail.
Day 5-6: Ride Lockhart Basin to Chicken Corners. Ride over Hurrah Pass to Moab.

About Escape Adventures: Since 1992, Escape Adventures has been blessed to shape and lead adventure travel vacations through some of the most awe-inspiring natural destinations in the world. Building on over 100 destinations, Escape Adventures caters to the full spectrum of active travelers, respective to fitness level and activity type. From road cyclist to mountain biker to electric biker, hiker, and multi-sport enthusiast, and from first timer to friends and family groups of all ability levels, Escape Adventures looks forward to many new and exciting adventures with you.

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