Golden Money – Saving Rules When You Plan Your Dream Trip

Travelling does not always have to be an expensive affair. Actually, what keeps some people from travelling for leisure or just for personal improvement is they think they have to budget for it their whole life. That couldn’t be further from the truth seeing as so many travel bloggers have been sharing their forays into the world, showing us it is doable with a little bit of planning and spirit of adventure.  Here are some things you should have in mind when you want to spend the least while on the go.


Timing is Everything

People usually travel at the same time to certain destinations during the year, making the hotel costs or the travel tickets rise in prices. One secret to escape is to travel when people are not travelling. For example, if many people visit a certain place during the summer or Christmas periods, the hotel prices around there can sometimes be up to twice as much. Travel when kids are in school or during offseason.

Book Covertly

There is a lot of surveillance that goes on our browsers regarding the activities we like and the destinations we dream about. Did you know that when booking online, some industries like catering or money exchange bureaus try to take advantage of travellers through that information? There are cases where some vultures try to charge someone higher booking fees simply because they have browser cookies that show that they regularly hunting for information regarding the destination. Browse in incognito mode or switch servers while preparing travel information and deals.

Take Advantage of Changing Seasons

When making a booking, it is okay to be petty on some details, such as the exact time or day of the week that you book an airline ticket. If possible, you could actually settle for a service that allows you to book many weeks in advance. An airline may give a huge discount if you can book long in advance just to ensure that they sell more tickets. Booking on weekends has proven to save up to 20% on many occasions. Ticket prices are sometimes cheaper when there are fewer travel agents online. They also assume the person booking is not a business traveller.

Make Sure Budget Means Budget

When learning how to plan a budget for your trip, many people insist on getting budget airfares. Some of the airlines usually offer budget fares that only save about $30 dollars. The trick, however, comes when they insist on limiting the luggage you can have in the cabin. They will then charge an extra $50 dollars to check in the bag. In that case, travelers actually lose more than they were planning to save.

Gambling Smart While on a Trip

Gambling while on a trip can sometimes be costly. However, there are plenty of tricks to ensure that you do it affordable and in a fun manner. You should play casino games that attract plenty of bonuses. For example, playing real pokies online on certain days of the week can give more real money wins from free spins. When making your budget, include info on how much exactly you aim to spend playing casino online and maybe check a couple of It is good to depend on big luck but some extra money management will ensure that you don’t drain your travel money while gambling.

Save On Car Rentals

When making a budget plan in a different city, you should only look for car rentals that will offer very competitive prices. Comparisons between various car rentals and the extra benefits they offer will give you a good advantage and keep your spending in check. A good budget plan example factors in car rentals that can give coupon codes and rental discounts for certain weeks or certain classes of cars. For example, there are times when off-road cars are more in demand, and during that time, the smaller town cars usually cost less to rent. If it fits in your itinerary, select those cars that have plenty of codes and discounts for you.

How to stop spending so much money on Tours

The types of activities in your plan should cost less or be free. For example, think of monuments that can be visited without having to pay extra tourist fees. A boat tour around the city can be compelling, but it may cost less to walk around the canal or stroll through the piers for free. Some excursions are really expensive because some locals count on tourists always having an extra money tree; which is often not the case. To add to the fun, hitch-hike between two cities instead of taking a short commercial flight.

Pack Wisely

Some travellers end up spending hefty prices for extra luggage that they never end up using anyway. You could pack light so as to save much more from luggage fees to keep the budget low. Always think about the time that will be spent in a certain destination and pack enough clothes for each day and the activities. One trick some people do is to pack clothes that can be washed if the destination hotel has a free laundry service. In a way, you do not need to carry with you an extra iron box or too many pairs of shoes if you can have a cleaning service that will clean them for you cheaply.


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