5 Online Gambling Tips for Tourists In New Zealand

You shouldn’t expect anything less from a country like New Zealand (NZ) than a massive influx of people from all over the world.Why do tourists choose this country in Oceania, to the east of Australia, as a destination for pleasure and excitement as far as gambling is concerned? We can attribute this to different things, including its solid economy, lovely weather, and the strong association it has with gambling.

New Zealand features many top-rated casinos that are characterized by several tourist attractions. And since you intend to visit as a tourist to have a great direct experience, there are things you should familiarize yourself with. To help you out, we have put some together in this post. Continue reading to expand your knowledge.

Things To Know About Gambling In New Zealand

Is NZ online casino legal? What are the laws and regulations of gambling in NZ? Am I old enough to gamble in NZ? What casino should I choose in NZ? These questions and more are frequently asked by those seeking to have a thrilling,  hitch-free gambling experience in New Zealand. As a gambling tourist, check below for important details you should know before traveling to NZ.

  • Gambling Law

In 1994, New Zealand welcomed its first real-money casino, four years after legalizing commercial gambling. This led to an incredible boom in the New Zealand gambling industry (financial growth and popularity).

After assessing both the pros and cons associated with gambling, the government later deemed it fit to introduce the Gambling Act, which was approved in 2003 and contains some strict provisions. This is obviously responsible for the somewhat restricted number of casinos in New Zealand due to how it has become more challenging to set up a casino business in the country.

Do you think it is disadvantageous for New Zealand to have so few authorized casinos under the Gambling Act 2003? If you must know, a few of them are so developed that they make the list of the best casinos in the world. No wonder tourists are attracted to this destination worldwide.


  • Online Gambling Regulations

The gambling regulations that govern New Zealand’s land-based gambling systems differ from those that govern online gambling. According to the Gambling Act of 2003, online gambling is considered illegal in the country. Nonetheless, this prohibition comes with an exception.

New Zealanders can play at online gambling platforms (such as the NZ national lottery and several activities, including sports betting), which are provided by the New Zealand Lotteries Commission and the Totalizer Agency Board, which the NZ government has approved.

Moreover, if you’re a tourist, you are free to gamble at any offshore website. So, while you’re in New Zealand, you can choose to play your favorite games at an online casino at home.

  • Legal Gambling Age

If you want to play at a real money casino in NZ, the legal gambling age is 20 or older. But for sports betting (such as horse racing), the legal gambling age is 18 or older. These rules apply regardless of your home country.

In addition, confirmation of age is common in the NZ gambling industry. So, you may be required to provide identification when entering a casino or placing a bet. This ID will be government issued. It can be a driving license or passport from your country.


  • Best Gambling Sites

As an experienced gambling tourist, your goal will be to explore the best gambling sites. But how do you know which is the best in New Zealand? To find the best, you need to research the game lobby and tournaments at all the online casinos.

You should check the game lobby at the available casinos. The best gambling sites will use top-rated and authorized game developers. They will also have a wide selection of new and classic games like poker, blackjack, slots, and roulette.

In addition, you need to check if the available casinos have options for tournaments. If your preferred casino provides such an option, it’s great for gambling.

  • Gambling Tourism  Popularity

Your decision to travel to New Zealand to enjoy an exciting gambling experience can be influenced by the information you have gathered about New Zealand’s gambling tourism. But you should know why gambling tourism in NZ is popular worldwide, despite the few casinos that exist in the country.

The few existing casinos are designed to be world-class gambling destinations that can attract tourists globally. They offer a friendly ambiance and provide outstanding gambling odds. You can access a wide variety of good table games and poker machines at these entertainment destinations.

Besides, the distinct sporting culture of the country offers a thrilling sports betting experience. You will find numerous racetracks and many sports betting shops around the country.

As a tourist who picked New Zealand for a gambling adventure, you are guaranteed several excellent entertainment possibilities, including fantastic bars and restaurants.



Gambling tourism is a beautiful activity that should be enjoyed. And this is why you need to opt for the best destination. If you choose New Zealand, you have chosen wisely. The article has unveiled some things you should know to prepare you for the journey ahead.

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